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What is the function of the fourth axis of the four-axis CNC engraving machine?

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The four-axis CNC engraving machine is based on the ordinary three-axis CNC machine tool and adds a fourth axis, that is, the rotary axis. So do you know what the fourth axis of this four-axis CNC engraving machine does? How to use this fourth axis? Today, Leapion Laser will analyze it.

What is the fourth axis of a four-axis CNC engraving machine?

1. The fourth axis, also known as the CNC indexing head of the CNC machine tool, is a machine tool accessory that clamps the workpiece on the chuck or between the two centers to rotate, index and position it.

4-axis refers to XYZA, XYZB or XYZC. The 4-axis is linked, and the four-axis can work at the same time.

2. The 3D machining of cylindrical surface, arc surface and arc surface is realized due to the rotational motion of the fourth rotation axis.

3. Four-axis CNC machine tools are divided into four-axis three-linkage and four-axis four-link CNC machine tools. The CNC system with rotating axis and four-axis linkage can be called a real four-axis CNC machine tool.

4. The real 4-axis CNC engraving machine can engrave wood, foam, stone, marble, human body, Buddha statues, sculptures, handicrafts, furniture, etc. in 360°.

What is the function of the rotation axis (fourth axis) of the four-axis CNC engraving machine?

1. Calculate the rotational engraving path without unfolding the surface.

2. There is no need to rotate the workpiece repeatedly, and the tool path calculation is completed at one time.

3. Reduce the finishing allowance, and the tool path can be roughed in layers.

4. To achieve partial rotation processing, the angle range and length range can be set.

5. Affected by the accuracy of the fixture, the processing of irregularly rotating workpieces usually adopts multi-faceted rotary positioning processing, and there are always joints between different processing directions.

6. The rotary engraving without positioning joint adopts the integral method of the rotating shaft, and the CNC machine tool generates an automatically closed rotary engraving processing path.

7. The advantage of adding the fourth axis to the bed is that it can make the plane processed by the tool more extensive, and can reduce the repeated clamping of the workpiece, improve the overall machining accuracy of the workpiece, which is conducive to simplifying the process and improving production efficiency.

Specifically, the 4th axis can do things that a 3-axis CNC machine can't do in one go. The multi-faceted processing of the product can be realized by rotation, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, reduces the number of clamping and shortens the production time.


How to use the rotary axis (4th axis) of the four-axis CNC engraving machine?

1. Put it directly on the platform, so that the gantry needs to be heightened, and the size of the platform will not be affected during plane engraving. The shaft can be loaded and unloaded at any time.

2. The platform is placed on the side, and the diameter of the rotating shaft affects whether the gantry is increased. If the diameter is larger, the gantry needs to be raised. Not required if the diameter is 10cm.

3. The table top sinks, and the table top sinks as a whole. Put the rotating shaft under the platform. If you want to engrave a flat surface, put the platform on the rotating shaft for engraving.

If you want to know other information and content about the four-axis CNC engraving machine, please consult Leapion laser.