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What is the difference between a woodworking engraving machine and a woodworking machining center?

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Everyone is familiar with woodworking engraving machines. Woodworking engraving machines are also commonly used equipment in wood product processing. With the development of CNC equipment and the increasingly demanding market demand, woodworking processing centers are becoming more and more popular. The following Leapion laser introduces the difference between woodworking engraving machine and woodworking processing center.

Woodworking engraving machine is generally divided into single process, double process, three or four processes, etc. Generally speaking, woodworking engraving machine has a small number of cutter heads that can be directly changed, and is mainly used to engrave some plates with simple colors.

Machining centers generally have 8, 12 or even more tool magazines, and the plate designs can be more complex.

Therefore, the woodworking engraving machine and the woodworking processing center have a lot in common, and there are many differences.

The difference between woodworking engraving machine and woodworking processing center:

1. The principle of tool change is different

The multi-process woodworking engraving machine has multiple heads. For example, the three-process woodworking engraving machine has three heads, and different types of tools are installed on the three heads. When the tool needs to be changed, the current head goes up, and the required machine Head down to continue sculpting.

The woodworking machining center has only one machine head, but it has a tool magazine. Different models have different tool magazine capacities, including 8, 12, etc. When changing the tool, the machine head moves to the tool magazine, selects the required tool, and returns to continue engraving.

2. Different engraving speed and precision

Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for deep processing of finished products, such as engraving patterns or drilling holes on door panels to make them more beautiful. However, in addition to woodworking engraving machine craftsmanship, high-quality woodworking centers can also be opened, slotted and punched, so woodworking center craftsmanship is more comprehensive than woodworking engraving machines.

However, the price of the machining center is high and the configuration is relatively high.


3. Different processing efficiency

Whether it is a woodworking engraving machine or a woodworking center, various tools must be used together in processing, and the woodworking center has its own tool magazine. It can be configured with more than 20 tools. During processing, the tool can be automatically replaced according to the process requirements.

However, wood engraving machines are usually changed manually and installation takes a long time. Therefore, the efficiency of the woodworking engraving machine is not as high as that of the woodworking center.

4. Different functions

The multi-process woodworking engraving machine can be operated in simple steps such as engraving and drilling, while the woodworking machining center has the functions of cutting, milling, side milling, and chamfering in addition to the engraving function.

5. The processing objects are not exactly the same

The woodworking engraving machine is aimed at the middle-end customer group. It is suitable for solid wood doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, paint-free doors, painted doors, soft-pack doors and other simple designs and colors, which can be completed with 2-3 knives.

The woodworking processing center is oriented to all high-end customers. It can produce works with complex designs, diverse shapes, and high precision that require many knives to complete.

It can be seen that the woodworking processing center has more advantages than the ordinary woodworking engraving machine in all aspects. When we choose, we should decide according to our actual needs. For more information about woodworking engraving machines and woodworking processing centers, please consult Leapion Laser.