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What is the difference between CNC engraving machine and CNC machining center?

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CNC machining center is a high-efficiency automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and CNC system suitable for processing complex parts. CNC machining center is one of the most productive and widely used CNC machine tools in the world. Leapion Laser shares the difference between CNC machining center and CNC engraving machine today.

1. Different processing ranges and uses

1. CNC machining center:

The rigidity requirements of non-moving parts are very good, and the rigidity requirements of moving parts are very good.

The advantage is that heavy cutting can be performed;

The disadvantage is that because the moving parts are also huge, the flexibility of the machine tool is sacrificed, and it is powerless for small parts and rapid feed.

The CNC machining center is used to complete the processing equipment of workpieces with large milling volume, large molds, and materials with comparative hardness, and is also suitable for roughing of ordinary molds.

2. CNC engraving machine:

The rigidity of the moving part is required to be good, and the rigidity of the moving part should be as light as possible under the premise of flexibility, while maintaining a certain rigidity.

The advantage is that it can carry out relatively small processing, high processing precision, and high-speed processing for soft metals;

The disadvantage is that heavy cutting is impossible due to poor rigidity.

The CNC engraving machine is used to complete the small milling amount and the finishing of small molds, and is suitable for the processing of copper workers, graphite, etc.;

Low-end engraving machines tend to process wood, two-color plates, acrylic plates and other plates with low hardness, and high-end engraving machines are suitable for polishing and grinding of wafers and metal casings.

Second, the indicator data are also different

1. Different spindle speeds:

The CNC machining center requires a general speed for the CNC system, and the spindle speed is about 0~8000RPM.

The CNC engraving machine requires a high-speed CNC system, and the spindle speed is about 3000~30000RPM.

2. The spindle power is different

The spindle power of the CNC machining center is the largest, ranging from kilowatts to tens of kilowatts;

The CNC engraving machine has the smallest power.

3. The cutting amount is different:

The CNC machining center has the largest cutting amount and is especially suitable for heavy cutting, while the CNC engraving machine has a small cutting amount.

4. Machining accuracy:

CNC machining centers are similar to CNC engraving machines.

From the point of view of mechanical structure:

The CNC machining center generally adopts the cantilever type, and the CNC engraving machine generally uses the gantry type structure, and the gantry type is divided into the pillar type and the fixed beam type.

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