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What factors should be considered when choosing tools for CNC lathes?

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CNC lathes are mainly used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, and CNC tools are one of the prerequisites for improving processing efficiency. There are many factors to consider in the selection of CNC tools, which are shared by Leapion Laser below.

1. The CNC tool should match the machine tool

Knives are divided into left-handed and right-handed knives, so it is very important to choose the right and left hand of the knives correctly. Typically, right-hand tools are suitable for machines with counterclockwise spindles, while left-hand tools are suitable for machines with clockwise spindles.

In addition, the tool changer of the machine tool has certain restrictions on the size and weight of the tool. For example: if you choose to process the machine tool with coolant through the internal cooling of the spindle, you should choose a tool with the same internal cooling function.

2. The CNC tool should match the material to be processed

There are many materials that can be processed by CNC lathes, most of which are carbon steel. For various non-steel materials - such as high temperature alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, composite materials, plastics, pure metals, etc., tool manufacturers have also designed and manufactured a series of tools We need to know more about the collet and matching blade geometry.

3. Select the tool according to the processing stage of the part

The rough machining stage is mainly to remove the allowance, and the tool with better rigidity and lower precision should be selected; in the semi-finishing and finishing stage, the machining accuracy and product quality of the parts should be guaranteed, and the high durability and high precision should be selected. tool.

Generally, the tools used in the roughing stage have the lowest precision, while those used in the finishing stage have the highest precision.

If the same tool is selected for roughing and finishing, it is recommended to use the tool that has been eliminated from finishing during roughing, because most of the tools eliminated from finishing are slightly worn on the edge, and the coating is worn and polished. Continued use will affect the finishing. Machining quality, but less impact on roughing.


4. Select tools and geometric parameters according to the characteristics of the processing area

When selecting a tool for CNC lathe processing, the size of the tool should be adapted to the surface size of the workpiece to be processed.

When the structure of the part allows, a tool with a large diameter and a small aspect ratio should be selected; the end edge of the over-center milling cutter for cutting thin-walled and ultra-thin-walled parts should have sufficient centripetal angle to reduce the cutting of the tool and the cutting part. force.

5. The price of CNC tools

The price of CNC tools directly affects the durability and accuracy of the tool. In most cases, although the selected tool increases the tool cost, it improves the processing quality and processing efficiency, and ultimately greatly reduces the entire processing cost.

6. The number of pieces to be cut

For example, when milling a stock to length, the choice of using a pair of side cutters across the workpiece, single-sided or end mills will depend on the number of workpieces to be cut.

7. Size of CNC tool

For example: When choosing a milling cutter for a specific job, keep in mind that a small diameter tool will pass the surface in less time than a large diameter tool fed at the same speed.

8. The rigidity and size of the workpiece to be processed

The cutter diameter used should be small enough that the cutting pressure does not cause the workpiece to bounce or shift during milling.

Even within the same tool brand, there can be many different tool options, and each metal cutting process has its own unique challenges that must be carefully considered in the tool selection process.

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