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What are the precautions for beginners to use CNC woodworking lathes?

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CNC woodworking lathe is a kind of woodworking equipment that is often used in the process of woodworking. It can turn and engrave wood. It is a lathe that uses woodworking tools to process the rotating surface or complex profiles of wood. Today Leapion Laser introduces the precautions that beginners should pay attention to when operating a number of woodworking lathes.

The precautions for beginners to operate CNC woodworking lathes are:

1. Workers who operate CNC woodworking lathes must be familiar with various functions, structures, transmission systems, etc. of woodworking lathes. Operators must operate on the basis of operation certificates, and must pay attention to personal safety and machine safety during the operation.

2. Do not install the device during thunder or thunder, do not install the power socket in a damp place, and do not touch the uninsulated power cord.

3. The control cabinet of the CNC woodworking lathe must be grounded, and the data cable cannot be plugged in with electricity.

4. All parts of the CNC woodworking machine tool must be well lubricated, and the position of each component must be refueled according to the specified refueling amount to ensure the smooth flow of the oil path and the cleanliness of the lubrication system.

5. Before the CNC woodworking lathe is operated, the workpiece should be installed firmly, the fixing nut of the tailstock should be tightened, the thimble should be locked with a locking device, the workpiece should be rotated by hand, and the position of the tool holder should be adjusted and fixed. 2 ~ 3mm, the distance between the tool holder and the workpiece is too large, it is easy to bayonet and cause safety accidents.

6. After the wood is clamped, the chuck must be turned by hand to calibrate, and check whether the screw on the top of the tool holder and the tool holder is firm, and then test with electricity.

7. The body of the CNC woodworking lathe is a casting, which is relatively brittle. When installing the screws, use appropriate force to prevent slipping.

7. The tool must be installed and clamped to keep the tool sharp. Dull knives reduce the quality of the turning and overload the motor. Before the test drive, be sure to check the firmness of the tool bar, tool holder, and top screws, and then clamp the wood and correct it with a rotating chuck.

8. At the beginning of turning, the feed amount should be appropriately small, and the force should be uniform. It is forbidden to touch the workpiece with hands; the operator should not wear gloves to work, preferably wear protective glasses; it is forbidden to remove the turning head for other purposes.

9. Do not exceed the processing range of CNC woodworking lathes. When the machine does not work for a long time, cut off the power. When the machine moves, it must be carried out under the guidance of professionals.

10. If the CNC woodworking lathe is abnormal, please refer to the operation manual or contact the dealer for troubleshooting methods to avoid personal injury.

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