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What are the common woodworking lathes?

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A woodworking lathe is a popular woodworking tool. A woodworking lathe is a machine tool that uses the turning method to process, and it can process products with various shapes of rotary cylindrical shapes. Today Leapion Laser introduces the common types of woodworking lathes.

A woodworking lathe is a machine tool that holds a workpiece on a rotating spindle, usually for machining cylindrical workpieces. Generally, woodworking lathes are equipped with various special tools, which can complete internal and external machining, drilling, threading, grooving, end face machining, outer circle, drilling center hole, turning hole, reaming, turning cone, turning forming surface, knurling, spiral Spring and other processing procedures.

Woodworking lathes can be mainly divided into three categories: ordinary woodworking lathes, profiling woodworking lathes (ordinary, CNC), and special woodworking lathes. The specific types of woodworking lathes are:

Center wood lathe.

Center lathes are the most widely used type of lathes. Because the spindle is placed horizontally, it is also called a horizontal lathe. If the bed surface is notched, it is a notched lathe.

Benchtop wood lathe.

Bench lathes are similar in type and structure to center wood lathes and are suitable for the production of precision measuring tools, instruments and small parts.

Vertical woodworking lathe.

The vertical lathe spindle is installed vertically, the bed is horizontal, and the workpiece is placed on the rotating bed. Especially suitable for machining workpieces with larger diameters but shorter lengths.

Turret wood lathe.

Hexagonal lathes, also known as turret lathes, are designed to replace ordinary lathe tailstocks with hexagonal rotary turrets. It is especially suitable for processing a large number of workpieces in various processing operations (such as drilling, reaming, boring), and is suitable for mass production.

Automatic woodworking lathe.

The automatic lathe can automatically turn according to the machining sequence of the workpiece. After turning, the tool will automatically retract, feed, and turn the next finished product. Suitable for mass production of small diameter workpieces.

Imitation wood lathe.

The copy lathe, also known as the copy lathe, uses the stylus to move according to the shape of the model or template, and the turning tool also moves the turning workpiece, so the workpiece that is the same as the model can be turned correctly.

CNC woodworking lathe.

The full name is "Computer Numerical Control Woodworking Lathe", referred to as "CNC Machine Tool". The advantage is that it is suitable for processing large quantities of workpieces with complex designs and high precision requirements.

The woodworking lathe has excellent performance, simple operation, flexibility and strong adaptability. Now the most used are CNC woodworking lathes, and fully automatic CNC woodworking lathes. For additional information on CNC woodworking lathes, please follow Leapion Laser.