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What are the advantages of a CNC engraving machine with a rotary axis?

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As we all know, CNC engraving machine can perform relief, flat engraving, hollow engraving, etc. on aluminum alloy, copper, bakelite, wood, jade, glass, plastic, acrylic, etc. The CNC engraving machine has fast engraving speed and high precision. So do you know the advantages of CNC engraving machine with rotary axis? Leapion Laser will share with you today.

The advantages of CNC engraving machine with rotary axis are:

1. The rotary axis CNC machine tool can make the spindle always face the most suitable angle of the machining surface, so that the force on the tool side is reduced, and the machining stability is good and the machining accuracy is improved.

2. The 4-axis CNC engraving machine does not need to rotate the workpiece repeatedly, which reduces the number of clamping and manual participation, and completes the tool path calculation at one time to ensure higher machining accuracy and efficiency.

3. Reduce the finishing allowance, and the tool path can be roughed in layers.

4. The CNC engraving machine with rotary axis can realize local rotary engraving, and the angle range and length range can be set.

5. To machine parts with holes, the milling cutter must be machined in the same circular pattern through a 360-degree movement, the distance is of course possible. Arc cuts, grooves and other complex curves are included in the 4th axis rotary table's advantages.

6. Calculate the selected engraving path without unfolding the surface.

7. There is no positioning mark, the rotary engraving process adopts the integral method of the rotating shaft, and the CNC engraving machine produces an automatically closed rotary engraving processing path.


What are the features of Leapion Laser's ATC CNC milling machines with rotary axes?

1. The core parts are all made of top international brands, which can achieve zero-fault operation for 5 years. Complies with EU design standards.

2. The ATC router can change the tool in 12 seconds, which greatly improves the work efficiency. The multi-process and complex work can be unattended and processed at one time.

3. The high-power electric spindle can easily process various materials: wood/MDF/metal/PVC/plastic all common materials can be cut and engraved. 7.5KW/9KW/12KW are available. International standards ISO and F63 are also no problem.

4. Various choices of YASKAWA/Fuji/DELTA/Leadshine servo motors. Ensure the high precision and stable operation of the machine.

5. The automatic tool calibration pad is designed to record tool length easily and accurately. Tool sensors make machining more precise.

6. The operation mode of the computer-based LNC control system is more intuitive and simple. Manual Pulse Generator (MPG)

The MPG allows the operator to move around the machine for easy setup.

For more information on CNC engraving machines with rotary axes, please follow Leapion Laser directly.