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What are the advantages of CNC machining technology?

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Numerical control technology is a technology that uses digital information to control mechanical movement and working processes. It is a modern manufacturing industry that integrates traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, computer technology, modern control technology, sensor detection technology, network communication technology and opto-mechanical technology. basic technology. Today Leapion Laser introduces the advantages of CNC machining technology.

1. Improve the machining accuracy

CNC machine tool is a highly integrated mechatronic product, which is composed of precision machinery and automatic control system. It has high positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy. The transmission system of the machine tool and the structure of the machine tool have high rigidity and thermal stability. stability. Therefore, CNC machine tools have higher machining accuracy, especially to improve the consistency of the same batch of parts, so that the product quality is stable and the pass rate is high, which is incomparable with ordinary machine tools.

2. Improve production efficiency

CNC machine tools can use a larger amount of cutting, which effectively saves processing time. CNC machine tools or machining centers also have automatic speed change, automatic tool change and other automatic operation functions, which greatly shorten the auxiliary time, and once a stable processing process is formed, there is no need for inspection and measurement between processes. Therefore, the productivity of CNC machining is 3-4 times higher than that of ordinary machine tools, or even more.


3. Stable and reliable processing quality

CNC machine tools are controlled by computer-programmed software, and there is no manual intervention in the processing process. The same batch of parts is processed. On the same machine tool, under the same processing conditions, using the same tool and processing program, the tool travel path is exactly the same, and the parts are Good consistency and stable quality.

4. Strong processing flexibility

CNC machining has a very flexible production capacity to make custom machined parts; CNC machines can be completely reprogrammed in a short amount of time to produce completely different products.

In addition, unlike ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools do not have to be manufactured, replace many molds and fixtures, and do not need to readjust the machine tool frequently. It is suitable for the production of single and small batch products and the development of new products, thereby shortening the production preparation cycle and saving a lot of process equipment costs.

5. Improve economic efficiency

CNC machine tools (especially machining centers) mostly use process concentration, and one machine is multi-purpose. In the case of one clamping, most of the processing of parts can be completed. One CNC machine tool or machining center can replace several ordinary machine tools.

This can not only reduce the clamping error, save auxiliary time such as transportation, measurement, and clamping between processes, but also reduce the types of machine tools, save the floor space of the machine tools, and bring high economic benefits.

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