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What are the advantages of 5-axis CNC engraving machine compared to other processing methods?

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Five-axis CNC engraving machine is also called five-axis machining center. It is the only means of processing impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc. Today Leapion Laser shares what advantages the five-axis CNC engraving machine has over other processing methods?

Advantages of five-axis simultaneous machining compared to three-axis machining

1. The processing range of 5-axis engraving machine is wider than that of 3-axis linkage processing. The three-axis belongs to plane processing, and the five-axis mainly processes three-dimensional three-dimensional.

2. The 5-axis engraving machine can process continuous and smooth free-form surfaces that cannot be processed by ordinary 3-axis CNC machine tools or are difficult to complete in one clamping.

3. The 5-axis engraving machine can improve the machining accuracy, quality and efficiency of free-form surfaces in space.

For example, three-axis CNC machine tools cannot meet the processing requirements for the processing of steep side walls of impellers, blades and molds. 5-axis CNC machine tools can be controlled by Daozhou space attitude role to complete such processing content. At the same time, the five-axis CNC machine tool can realize the machining of deep cavities with short tools, effectively improve the rigidity of the system, reduce the number of tools, avoid special tools, expand the scope of application of general tools, and ultimately reduce production costs.

4. The manufacturing chain and production cycle of 5-axis engraving machine are shorter than 3-axis linkage processing.

Because the 5-axis CNC machine tool performs sidewall processing through the deflection of the spindle head, multiple parts clamping is not required, which effectively reduces the positioning error, improves the machining accuracy, and shortens the production chain and cycle.

Comparison of five-axis CNC engraving machine and four-axis CNC engraving machine

Intuitively, the 4-axis engraving machine is only one less face than the 5-axis engraving machine. A 5-axis engraving machine has one more axis than a 4-axis engraving machine. Four-axis engraving can only engrave cylinders, while five-axis engraving can engrave things of various shapes.

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The advantages of five-axis CNC engraving machine:

1. The five-axis CNC engraving machine has high processing precision and high efficiency. Complex machining can be achieved in a single clamping of the workpiece. This reduces the setup time required when a job requires multiple runs to complete. Setting up a job only once saves you time, which in turn saves your company money.

2. The use of five-axis CNC engraving machine makes it easy to clamp the workpiece, and the mold can reduce the number of fixtures used. There is no need for special fixtures during processing, which reduces the cost of fixtures, avoids multiple clamping, and improves mold processing accuracy.

3. Since the five-axis CNC engraving machine can save many special tools in processing, the tool cost is reduced. Because the five-axis CNC engraving machine can increase the effective cutting edge length of the tool, reduce the cutting force, improve the tool life and reduce the cost during processing.

4. The use of five-axis CNC engraving machine to process molds is fast, and the delivery is fast, which can better ensure the processing quality of molds, make mold processing easier, and make mold modification easier.

5. The five-axis CNC engraving machine has more axes, flexible processing and diverse functions. The ability to process helps increase the yield of current jobs and creates opportunities to diversify products and products.

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