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What are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC woodworking lathes?

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With its processing accuracy, intelligence and high work efficiency, CNC woodworking lathes have become the most widely used type of equipment in the wood processing industry. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC woodworking lathes compared to traditional lathes? Leapion laser sharing is as follows:

CNC woodworking lathes can process complex rotary wood products or semi-finished wood products. It is a special woodworking machine tool developed according to the requirements and characteristics of the woodworking industry and combined with woodworking operating habits. Through CNC technology to control the mechanical action, it can process rotating wood products or semi-finished wood products with complex shapes such as cylinders, cones, curved surfaces, and spheres.

The advantages of CNC woodworking lathes are:

1. Automatic operation mode:

1) Adopt high-reliability CNC controller to ensure reliable work stability, after-sales service, installation and deployment;

2) The operation interface is simple and friendly, with full text prompts and a simple setting method for directly inputting the size;

3) It is driven by high-precision stepping motor, and the accuracy of processing dimensions is ensured through program calculation.

2. One machine is prolific, and the processing efficiency is high:

1) The CNC woodworking lathe with two axes and two cutters in the CNC woodworking lathe can process 2 identical products at the same time, and the single axis can be equipped with a chuck, which has high efficiency and low energy consumption;

2) The spindle speed is high, and the workpiece clamping is safe and reliable. Most CNC lathes use hydraulic chucks, which are convenient and reliable to adjust the clamping force, and at the same time reduce the labor intensity of operators;

3) And the fully automatic CNC woodworking lathe can operate 2-3 sets at the same time by one person, which greatly improves the processing efficiency, saves labor and money, and brings good economic benefits.

3. Simple operation and high cost performance

1) The learning time is short, 30 minutes to understand the programming method, 30 minutes to understand the operation process, 30 minutes to understand the equipment maintenance method, and you can operate it proficiently in a week;

2) Simple operation, convenient drawing, easy to understand, one-click conversion of product styles, and can be operated by personnel without professional knowledge with a little training;

3) All CNC lathes with automatic tool change use automatic rotary tool rest, which can automatically replace woodworking turning tools during processing, and continuously complete the processing of multiple processes;

4) Most CNC woodworking lathes with automatic chip removal device adopt a slant bed structure layout, which is convenient for chip removal and easy to use automatic chip removal machine.

Disadvantages of CNC woodworking lathes:

1. The sales price of CNC woodworking lathes is relatively high, and the initial investment in equipment is relatively large;

2. Higher technical requirements for operation and maintenance personnel;

3. Manual programming requires a lot of work when turning complex-shaped wood workpieces.

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