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What Is Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)?

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    Are you looking forward to build a CNC automatic tool changer kit or buy affordable ATC CNC routers with automated tool changer kits for wood, MDF, aluminum, brass, copper, foam, stone, plastic with routing, cutting, carving, milling, drilling, and grooving? Review 2022 top rated ATC CNC router buyer's guide for CNC machinists, fabricators, operators and beginners, we'll offer you the best CNC routers with ATC kits of 2022 at cost price with custom service to fit your CNC plans, projects, and ideas.

    In order to complete multiple processing procedures in one clamping of the workpiece, shorten the auxiliary time, and reduce the error caused by multiple installations of the workpiece, the CNC machine must be equipped with an automatic tool changer, which should meet the basic requirements of short tool change time, high tool repeat positioning accuracy, sufficient tool storage, small tool magazine footprint, safety, and reliability.


    Leapion will introduce the Automatic Tool Changer to you.


What Is Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)?

    Automatic Tool Changer is a device for transferring, loading and unloading of tools between the spindle and the tool magazine. Automatic Tool Changer is the full name of ATC in CNC machining.

    Automatic tool changer kits drive the CNC machine with continuous working, that is, after each process is completed, the new tool used in the next process is automatically changed to the spindle, the exchange of tools is generally completed by the coordinated action of the manipulator, tool magazine and spindle.

    Compared with multi spindle CNC routers, ATC only needs one spindle in the headstock, the spindle components have sufficient rigidity to meet the requirements of various precision machining. In addition, the tool magazine can store a large number of tools for multi-step machining of complex parts, which can significantly improve the adaptability and machining efficiency of CNC router machines. The ATC system in the CNC machining center consists of two parts: a tool magazine and an automatic tool change device. It has two major advantages: the first is that only one spindle is reserved, which is beneficial to simplify the structure of the spindle and improve the rigidity of the spindle; the second is that a large number of tools with different types and functions can be stored in the library, which is convenient complete various complex and multi-step processing procedures.

    Automated tool changer kit is composed of tool magazine, tool selection system, tool exchange mechanism and other parts, and the structure is more complicated. It is responsible for transferring the tool between the tool magazine and the spindle, pushing the tool to be used to the spindle, and then sending the replaced tool back to the tool magazine inside. Although this tool change method is not as straightforward as the previous one, it avoids the tool magazine and spindle from moving for tool change, and is replaced by an automated tool changer. In this way, the movement range of the mechanical components is reduced, the tool change is completed faster, and the design layout is also more flexible.

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