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The difference between CNC woodworking engraving machine and laser engraving machine

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As we all know, both the laser engraving machine and the CNC engraving machine are controlled by the computer numerical control system. Laser engraving machines are widely used in many industries, such as the wood industry, etc. However, more industrial customers will choose CNC woodworking engraving machines. Today Leapion Laser introduces the difference between laser engraving machine and CNC woodworking engraving machine.

Laser engraving machines and woodworking engraving machines have different uses:

1. Application of CNC woodworking engraving machine:

Solid wood doors, paint-free doors, all wood furniture engraving, cutting, panel furniture, audio, screens, advertising industries, etc. are applicable. Multi-head CNC woodworking engraving machine can also be mass-produced. Compared with manual work, the machine has comparative advantages. It is fast and accurate. The next order is exactly the same as the whole batch of goods. It only needs to wait for the staff to change the material after the engraving is completed. .

2. The purpose of laser engraving machine:

Laser engraving machines are generally used for handicrafts, cutting acrylic, carving crystal characters, shells, coconut shells, horns, lampshades and other small handicraft processing. It's not that the things engraved by the laser machine are smooth, but it depends on what material you use. The wood engraved by the engraving machine is not rough. It mainly depends on the quality of the wood. If the laser machine cannot cut the wood, the laser will make the wood black.


Everyone is familiar with CNC woodworking engraving machines. Let's take a look at how laser engraving machines engrave wood.

The technical method of laser engraving machine engraving wood:

1. Grayscale performance:

CNC wood engraving machines cannot engrave and cut points in an economical way, so there is no grey form.

Wood laser engraving and cutting machine is a way to realize engraving, which has natural advantages in grayscale performance. Therefore, in the design of the sculpture, try to use the form of grayscale as much as possible. The advantage of this is that the coloring process is reduced and the cost is saved;

On the other hand, rich means of expression increase the level of graphics.

The user is using the graphics to do different gray fills (the text must be transformed into the graphics first), and the output is black and white. You can try the effects of different dots, and the accuracy is generally not more than 500dpi.

2. Carving materials:

Log (untreated wood) Wood is the most commonly used material for laser engraving and cutting and is easy to engrave and cut.

Balsa woods such as birch, cherry or maple are easily vaporized by the laser and are suitable for engraving and cutting.

Each plank is made with its own characteristics, and some denser ones, such as hardwoods, require higher laser power when engraving or cutting. We recommend that you are unfamiliar with wood before carving, and study the characteristics of carving first.

3. Wood carving: Generally speaking, wood carving is intaglio, and the depth generally required is relatively deep.

This power is generally higher, and if you encounter harder woods, the color of the engraved graphics will become darker. If you want to make lighter colors, you can increase the engraving speed and make as many times as possible.

Some wood carvings will adhere to oily smoke on the surface of the wood. If the wood is painted, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. If it is not brushed with oil, it will not be wiped clean. As a result, the product will stain the surface.

4. Color filling: After wood carving, there will be a burning sensation. Matching with wood color is an original artistic beauty. The color depth mainly depends on the laser power and carving speed.

But some woods are usually soft, no matter how you change their color (like birch). Finished color, can use acrylic paint.

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