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The difference between 5-axis CNC Router and 4-axis/3-axis CNC Router

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1. The advantages of the Five-axis CNC Router

1.1 High cost-effective: Five-axis CNC Router integrates the functions of multiple machines, including high-precision drilling, milling, cutting, and other processes. Greatly reduce the procurement cost and save the enterprise expenses.

1.2 Efficient intelligence: Five-axis CNC Router uses five-axis linkage processing, which can be completed by clamping once for complex processing. It greatly reduces the operation cost and improves yield, also eliminates the clamping error.

1.3 Stable performance: It has the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high rigidity, and strong stability, and meets the harsh processing requirements; the function is powerful.

1.4 The multi-functional machine tool realizes the integration of processing, saves labor and reduces operating costs.


2. The difference of fake five-axis or true five-axis

    Since the advent of the five-axis CNC Router, it has been widely used in the automotive industry. Then many fake five axes have also appeared on the market. What is the difference between the true five-axis, fake five-axis, and three-axis?

    True five-axis has RTCP function. It can be carried out according to the swing length of the spindle and the mechanical coordinates of the rotary table. When programming, it is not necessary to consider the swing length of the spindle and the position of the rotary table, but only the coordinates of the workpiece.

    In addition, to distinguish between the true five-axis and fake five-axis, we should not check whether there is a five-axis linkage, but whether the main axis has RTCP true five-axis algorithm. For indexing processing, the true five-axis with RTCP function only need to set a coordinate system and set the coordinates for tool setting once. But the fake five-axis is a lot of trouble.

    If the CNC system has an RTCP function, it does not need to consider the center distance of the rotating axis, but only needs to use the tooltip programming. After using the RTCP mode, the programming of 5-coordinate machining can directly target the tooltip rather than the center of the rotating spindle head, so the programming will become much simpler and more efficient.

    For the double turntable fake five-axis, if you want to achieve the purpose of indexing processing, you only need to set multiple coordinates. However, if it is a swing head type five-axis, the indexing process cannot be completed. Because when the five-axis of the pendulum head are processed downward, Z and X or Y move together, not Z alone. At this time, the programming of the fake five-axis will be very troublesome and the debugging will be more difficult. At this time, the G51 offset function of the three-axis cannot be used.

3. The advantages of five-axis and three-axis

3.1 three-axis is processed by feeding axis x, y and Z by a straight line;

3.2 five-axis process consists of linear interpolation movement of feed axis x, y, Z and any five-axis of rotation axis a, B and C around x, y and Z;

3.3 the cutting tool direction of the three-axis process remains unchanged during the movement along the whole cutting path. The cutting state of the tooltip cannot be perfect in real-time.

3.4 five-axis process can optimize the tool direction during the movement along the whole path. At the same time, the tool moves in a straight line. In this way, the best cutting condition can be maintained in the whole path.

4. The difference between five-axis and three-axis

4.1 Maintain the best cutting state of the five-axis process center tool, effectively improving the cutting conditions;

4.2 Can effectively avoid tool interference;

4.3 In actual processing, it can reduce benchmark conversion, ensure processing accuracy, shorten the overall processing chain, use fewer tools and fixtures, and reduce processing costs.

4.4 Can shorten the product development cycle;

4.5 The precision of the five-axis CNC Router is higher than three-axis CNC Router. It mainly refers to the processing of non-metallic materials, that is, non-metallic material processing machine tools;

4.6 The processing range of the five-axis CNC Router is wider than the three-axis. This refers to the processing movement, not the processing material range. The three-axis belongs to plane processing, and the five-axis mainly processes three-dimensional;

Therefore, in the current company, five-axis CNC Routers are more and more widely used, which plays an important role in improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

5. The difference between five-axis and four-axis

    What is the difference between a five-axis CNC Router and a four-axis CNC Router? Generally speaking, the five-axis CNC Router has one more axis than the four-axis CNC Router. Stone and other products can also be engraved with some advertising signs, acrylic, handicrafts, office furniture, etc. On the contrary: what can be done by the five-axis, may not be done by the four-axis. One more axis means more processing techniques and methods. Generally, the five-axis are widely used in impellers. Four-axis are widely used in round carvings.

    Four-axis CNC Routers and five-axis CNC Routers are both widely used. Four-axis machines are mainly used in the solid wood furniture industry, mainly in three-dimensional carving, cylindrical carving, animal models, large architectural models, three-dimensional sculptures, curved furniture, and curved plate carvings.

    Except for all the functions of the four-axis CNC Router, the five-axis CNC Router also has functions that cannot be completed by the four-axis CNC Router. The engraving range is more comprehensive, which truly reduces labor costs and realizes a fully automatic intelligent engraving system.


    The five-axis surface CNC Router has RTCP tool tip follow-up, five-axis difference compensation, and completes real-time linkage. The processed products are high-precision, smooth and flawless. To reduce the engraving of the vacant position, the engraving products basically do not need to be polished or repaired, and it is fully automatic.

    The five-axis CNC Router is also more widely used in many fields, including wood mold, foam, plastic mold, casting mold, and other fields. At the same time, the product is also handy in the fields of trimming, sawing, drilling, grinding and polishing. The important processing equipment that is missing is the first option for enterprises to complete automatic processing and achieve profitability and consumption reduction.