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Ten Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a CNC router

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    With the development of the innovation, today's CNC Router machines use top-tier technology, come in many sizes, and produce near-perfect finishes at faster speeds.

    CNC manufacturing reduces waste with the added benefits of quicker processing times. However, these innovations mean you need to know a lot more about your prospective CNC router and the manufacturers who sell them.

    From questions about what size machine you need as an individual craftsman to the versatility and features you need for a high production shop, Leapion will give the right answers.

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a CNC Router

    So, how do you make sure you've chosen the best CNC router for your specific needs that won't break the bank? Avoiding the following mistakes will prevent a bad purchase that could set your and your business back.

1. Going for the Cheapest in the Short-Term


    Purchasing the cheapest option is a short-term solution to saving money. But, a cheap option now could end up hurting you in the end. Paying for quality, service and support makes all the difference in a CNC machine and ultimately how successful you are.

2. Choosing the Wrong Machine Manufacturer

    A CNC Router is a machine and like any other machine, it will need to be serviced at some point. That is why buying a CNC router from a reputable manufacturer is very important. Reputable manufacturers use top of the line components, have strong customer reviews, have parts in stock when you need them and offer on-going support and training.

3. Underestimating Your Future Growth Potential

    As your business expands, so will the machine's use. You don't want a CNC router that can’t grow with your business. A very common saying in the CNC world is 'Always buy your second machine first'.

4. Picking a Machine Without an ATC System as a Production Shop

    If you are in a production setting, your machine will most likely need to use more than one tool to complete a job. Frequent manual tool changes will slow you down and will over time become expensive due to the lost time and manpower needed to do the tool changes. An ATC system greatly reduces job time, manpower use and operator error.

5. Picking the Wrong hold down system for your machine

    Picking the correct hold down system for your machine is very important in order to get the most out of your CNC router. Vacuum hold down is the best way to hold down most materials and is the most preferred method when you are cutting multiple sheets a day. Clamping down your material is another hold down method but this is used primarily for small run applications.

6. Not Considering Software Needs

    When buying a CNC router, it is important that you get the right design software. Some specific applications like cabinet making have specially designed software titles. Picking the right software is important in determining how productive you will be. Your CNC router manufacturer will help you choose what software is best for your application.

7. Not Considering Financing when purchasing your machine

    The ability to finance your CNC router allows you to get the machine you want for an affordable monthly payment. Financing companies offer 100 percent financing for qualified buyers and allow you to include training and other smaller expenses with the purchase of the machine. Only work with a reputable financing company that is familiar with the equipment you are purchasing. Most CNC router companies have preferred lenders that they work with.

8. Choosing the Wrong Machine for Your Space

    A small shop or school won't have proper space or power capabilities for larger and more complicated machines. A production shop will need a router big enough to handle multiple projects and have enough room for growth. You will be hurting yourself if you plan on getting by with a smaller machine when your production calls for something bigger.

9. Choosing a Supplier that Does Not Offer Training

    Machine operators need to know the ins and outs of their CNC router in order to get the most use out of it. Receiving professional training is essential to proper operation and machine output. Look for any training a supplier offers, from running software to maintaining the machine.

10.Choosing a Manufacturer Without Investigating Customer Reviews

    Your CNC router will not work for you if the manufacturer is not reliable or highly rated. The manufacturer you buy from should have strong reviews from customers who can testify to the manufacturer's quality and support. Check out the company's testimonials and do your research before making a final decision.


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