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Selection of CNC machining tools

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The selection of tools is one of the important contents in the CNC machining process, which not only affects the machining efficiency of the machine tool, but also directly affects the machining quality of the parts. Today Leapion Laser shares how to choose a CNC engraving machine tool.

Because CNC machine tools have the characteristics of high processing precision, high processing efficiency, concentrated processing procedures and few clamping times of parts, higher requirements are put forward for the CNC tools used.

Selection of CNC machining tools

1. The selection of the tool should be based on the processing capacity of the machine tool, the performance of the workpiece material, the processing procedure, the cutting amount and other related factors. The tool and the tool holder should be correctly selected.

2. The general principle of tool selection is: easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high durability and precision.

3. When selecting a tool, the size of the tool should be adapted to the surface size of the workpiece to be processed.

1) For the processing of plane contours, end mills are often used;

2) When milling the plane, the face milling cutter with carbide inserts should be selected;

3) When machining the surface of the blank or roughing the hole, a milling cutter with a carbide insert can be selected;

4) For the processing of some three-dimensional profiles and variable bevel profiles, ball-end milling cutters, annular milling cutters, conical milling cutters and trapezoidal milling cutters are often used.

4. Select the tool according to the processing stage of the part.

1) The roughing stage is mainly to remove the allowance, and the tool with better rigidity and lower precision should be selected; the tool used in the roughing stage has the lowest precision;

2) In the semi-finishing and finishing stages, the main purpose is to ensure the machining accuracy and product quality of the parts, and tools with high durability and high precision should be selected, and the tools used in the finishing stage have the highest precision;

3) If the same tool is selected for roughing and finishing, it is recommended to use the tool eliminated by finishing during roughing, because most of the tools eliminated by finishing are slightly worn on the edge, and the coating is worn and polished. Continued use will affect the finishing. Machining quality.

The performance that CNC tools should have

1. The hardness of the high-hardness tool material should be higher than the hardness of the workpiece;

2. Sufficient toughness to withstand cutting force, vibration and impact;

3. High wear resistance is the ability of the material to resist wear;

4. The ability of high heat-resistant tool materials to maintain hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness at high temperatures;

5. Good chemical stability, no chemical reaction with cutting oil and workpiece during processing.

Therefore, when programming, it is very important to select the CNC tool correctly. The general requirements for CNC tools are easy installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high precision, and good durability. There are many factors related to the working range of the numerical control device.

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