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Safe operation process of wood CNC Router

Views: 0     Author: Leapion     Publish Time: 2022-07-22      Origin: Leapion

1. Do it carefully before work

1. Fixed special person to operate the machine, Read the shift record carefully,Understand the operation status and existing problems of the last shift of machine.

2. Check the surface of machine and the work site, if there are any sundries not be needed in the work, they should be removed.

3. Check that the safety guards should be complete and intact, if the machine without guards, it's not allowed to operate.

4. The check operation should be in the non-working area.

5. Check that the electrical distribution box should be closed firmly and the electrical grounding is good.


6. Check the amount of oil in the lubricating oil store should be sufficient and well sealed. Oil Cup and the oil nozzle should be complete,installed correctly,Oily holes are not clogged. Refuel as specified on the lubrication chart.

2. Do it carefully at work

1. Fixed special person to operate the machine, should stick to the post, operate carefully. Don't do anything unrelated to work. Stop machine working when leaving it, disconnect the power. For machine that is not operated by a fixed person, the user should stop machine and cut off the power supply after using the machine.

2. Knives and wood should be stored well and take it out when needed, to prevent damage to the tool.

3. Mechanical speed change of transmission and feed,which must be processed after the tool leaves the workpiece and stop machine.

4. Be careful that without iron nails in the wood, to prevent damage to the tool.

5. Pay close attention to the operation of the machine. If any special phenomenon is found in the lubrication condition, temperature rise condition and sound condition, machine should be stopped and checked immediately. Restart again only after troubleshooting.


6. When the machine has an accident, it should stop immediately! Keep the accident scene, and report to the relevant departments for analysis and processing.

3. Do it carefully after work

1. Put the operating handle in the non-working area and cut off the power.


2. After the work is completed, the power supply should be cut off, the equipment should be maintained, and the site should be cleaned.