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How to solve the rust problem of the spindle of CNC woodworking engraving machine?

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If the CNC woodworking engraving machine is not maintained in time, the spindle motor is easy to rust. If it is not handled for a long time, the life of the spindle motor will be shortened. Today Leapion Laser introduces how to solve the problem of rust on the spindle of CNC woodworking engraving machine.

Physical method to remove rust:

1. We can use manual knocking, shoveling, scraping, brushing, sanding or flexible filing methods to remove surface rust, scale, oxide scale, etc. 

2. You can also use tools such as blades, scrapers, pointed hammers, wire brushes, emery cloths, broken saw blades, etc. This method is relatively simple, and it is easy to damage the machine. You need to be very careful to rust during maintenance. 

Chemical method to remove rust:

You can use a cleaning lubricant and spray it evenly on the motor. After about half an hour, you can wipe off the rust on the stone engraving machine with a cotton cloth. If the rust is severe, you can spray it several times. Cleaning lubricants are non-conductive and have a good lubricating effect.

In fact, we have told you a lot about the use and maintenance of CNC engraving machines. Many friends have also implemented them according to what we said, and they have indeed received very good results.

However, there are also many situations that may cause the engraving machine to be maintained not so well. Especially in some processing industries such as stone granite and aluminum plates, because of the problem of coolant, the spindle motor is splashed with water for a long time, which is more likely to cause rust.

In the process of using CNC woodworking engraving machine, we can solve the problem of spindle rust through the above two methods under normal circumstances. If the problem cannot be solved by these two methods, you can contact the maintenance department of the manufacturer, or consult a professional maintenance technician.

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