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How to solve the problem of excessive noise during CNC engraving machine processing?

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As we all know, in the process of CNC engraving machine, the high-speed rotating cutter head will produce noise when it comes into contact with the material, which is normal. However, when there is abnormal noise, it is very likely that there is a problem with the CNC engraving machine. Today, Leapion Laser will analyze how to solve the problem of excessive noise of the CNC engraving machine.

The possible causes and solutions of excessive noise during CNC engraving machine processing are as follows:

1. Abnormal noise when the spindle motor is running

This kind of noise is generally caused by the quality problem of the main shaft bearing or the service life of the main shaft bearing has expired, or it may be due to the deterioration or damage of the quality after wear.

Solution: At this time, you can consider replacing the spindle bearing.

2. Abnormal noise when walking in the axial direction

This kind of phenomenon mostly exists in the X-axis, which may be the damage of the axial motor bearing or the lack of lubricating oil on the X-axis guide rail, too dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc.

Solution: If this phenomenon occurs, it should be dealt with in time according to the specific reasons, such as applying lubricating oil, replacing the balls, etc.

3. Parameter setting problem of CNC engraving machine

The machining speed and idle speed are set too high, and the machine is overloaded. Abnormal sounds, such as clicking sounds, may also occur.

Solution: Try lowering the parameter value and check if the sound disappears.


4. The drive is abnormal

A faulty drive in the control cabinet can also cause the machine to rattle when it moves.

Solution: You can check step by step and replace with a new drive. You can work the engraving machine to a fixed position to solve the problem of clicking sound.

5. The machining state of the tool is abnormal

In the process of use, if you hear a very heavy cutting sound or scream harshly, it means that the machining state of the CNC engraving machine tool is not normal. If the quality problem of the tool itself, the problem of tool clamping, and the problem of tool parameters are eliminated, it should be possible at this time. It is judged that the tool is worn out, and it is necessary to suspend processing and replace the tool.

In addition, the wear of the tool can also be judged by the motion state of the machine tool during processing. If the processing parameters, cutting amount and other settings are reasonable, the machine tool vibrates a lot during processing and emits a "hum". At this time, it can be determined that the tool has reached a sharp Wear condition, need to replace the tool.

6. Normal noise

It is normal for the stepper motor to have a pause every time it takes a step. At a certain frequency, it will also cause the body to resonate and produce obvious noise. But this noise will not affect normal use.

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