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How to choose the tool for CNC woodworking engraving machine?

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There is an old Chinese saying "a good horse is equipped with a good saddle". When using a CNC woodworking engraving machine, choosing the right tool can make the processing more effective. Because there are many kinds of CNC milling cutters for woodworking, today Leapion Laser will share with you how to choose the right CNC woodworking engraving machine tool.

First of all, before choosing the right tool for the CNC woodworking engraving machine, we need to clarify the following points:

1. The nature of the material being processed

The object of wood cutting is solid wood and wood composite materials. Solid wood can be divided into softwood, hardwood and modified wood. Wood composite materials include veneer laminate, plywood, particle board, oriented strand board, large particle board, gypsum particle board, cement particle board, hard fiber board, medium density fiber board, high density fiber board, blockboard, glued composite materials, etc. Some wood or wood composite materials are also decorated with single-sided or double-sided veneers.

2. Cutting direction of the tool

In solid wood cutting, wood cutting is divided into longitudinal, transverse, end and longitudinal end, longitudinal and transverse end cutting according to the direction of the blade relative to the wood fiber.

3. Turning direction and feed direction of woodworking CNC milling cutter

According to the rotation direction of the machine tool axis and the feed direction of the wooden workpiece, the inclination direction of the blade on the tool is determined.

4. The stability of the tool and the workpiece

The stability of the tool and the workpiece during the cutting process includes several aspects. The stability of the work piece refers to the smooth feeding of the wood work piece during the cutting process without jumping. The measures to strengthen the stability of the workpiece are mainly to reduce the center of gravity of the workpiece and increase the contact area of the woodworking CNC planer.

5. Quality requirements of CNC woodworking

The surface quality of wood workpieces includes surface roughness, geometric dimensions and shape position accuracy.

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Different materials should choose different CNC woodworking engraving machine tools, as follows:

1. For high-density board or solid wood processing, it is recommended to use a spine knife.

2. For multi-layer board or plywood processing, double-edged straight groove milling cutter is recommended. 3. For acrylic mirror processing, diamond processing tools are recommended.

4. For roughing particle board processing, it is recommended to use multiple milling cutters.

5. For cork, density board, log, PVC board, acrylic large deep relief processing, single-edged spiral ball-end milling cutter is recommended.

6. For aluminum plate cutting, it is recommended to use a special milling cutter for single-edged aluminum. Because the single-edge special aluminum milling cutter does not stick to the tool during processing, the speed is high and the efficiency is high.

7. For precision small relief processing, a round bottom knife is recommended.

8. For burr-free cutting process, single-edged, double-edged upper and lower cutting knives are recommended. The use effect of the lower knife, the upper surface of the processed product has no burrs, and there is no shaking during processing.

9. MDF cutting process, it is recommended to use a double-tool large chip-ejecting spiral milling cutter, with two large-capacity chip flutes, double-edged design, not only has a good chip evacuation function, but also achieves a good tool balance. When processing medium and high-density boards , No blackening, no smoking, long service life. It is very popular.

10. For acrylic cutting, single-edged spiral milling cutter is recommended. The characteristics of single-edged spiral milling cutters are: smokeless and tasteless during processing, fast speed, high efficiency, no chip sticking, and truly environmentally friendly. Its special manufacturing process ensures that the acrylic processing does not burst, the extremely thin tool line (or even no tool line), and the surface is smooth and flat.

If the surface needs to be polished, it is recommended to use a double-blade spiral milling cutter.

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