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How should the automatic CNC router machine be maintained and maintained?

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CNC router is an automatic machine tool with computer numerical control (CNC) system, CNC router is also known as CNC recording kit, CNC engraving machine. Today Leapion Laser introduces how to maintain and maintain the automatic CNC router.

Maintenance of the main shaft of the core component of the automatic CNC router:

1. Spindle lubrication and maintenance

For the main shaft lubricated by oil and gas, reliable and stable lubrication conditions should be provided for the main shaft. The lubricating oil injected into the oil-air lubricator needs to be filtered to avoid the mixing of impurities and oil. Regularly observe the amount of oil and refueling, avoid oil breakage, and regularly clean the filter element and filter screen.

2. Spindle cooling maintenance

High-speed spindles usually have two ways of water cooling and air cooling: water-cooled spindles need to regularly check the use of coolant and replenish it in time; air-cooled spindles need to regularly maintain the spindle air-cooling system to avoid failures.

3. Strictly operate in accordance with the operation manual: the operator should have a basic understanding of the selected spindle and accessories, including the rated power and speed of the spindle, so that the operation does not exceed the rated power.

Overload operation may cause the spindle to get stuck and the rotor to be stuck, causing serious damage to the spindle and higher maintenance costs. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions carefully and perform standard operations before using the spindle.

Maintenance of CNC control box

1. According to the dust condition of the working environment, regularly clean the dust in the CNC electric box in time.

2. Too much dust in the electrical box may cause the wire joint to catch fire and cause fire; too much dust in the computer will cause the computer to malfunction, and signal error will cause the CNC machine to dislocate.

3. Note: The power supply must be cut off during maintenance, the inverter has no display, and the main circuit power indicator light is off before operation can be performed. For CNC cutting machines, the inside of the computer should be cleaned.


Maintenance of transmission parts

1. The transmission part includes rail racks and ball screws. Whether it is a rack machine or a screw machine, after using the CNC cutting machine every day, be sure to clean the dust from all parts of the machine. Machines with automatic pump oil lubrication will automatically refuel, check the rail rack and screw parts for oil.

2. After installing the manual oil pump, it takes 3-5 days for the manual oil pump. For manual lubricating machines, the guide rail rack and lead screw need to be manually lubricated every 3-5 days.

3. Note: The guide rail and rack must be maintained with oil; the screw part should be lubricated at high speed; the working environment temperature in winter is too low, the rod and polished rod (square rail or round rail) should be cleaned with gasoline first, and then refueled, otherwise it will cause transmission. Part of the resistance is too large. machine and cause the machine to dislocate.

Maintenance of the drive motor

At present, the drive motors of CNC machine tools are divided into stepper motors, hybrid servo motors and pure servo motors. If the machine is found to have abnormal noise in daily work, it must be stopped in time. Run the machine manually, find out the source of the noise, and then contact the maintenance personnel or the factory to repair or replace the motor in time.

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