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How should CNC woodworking lathes be maintained?

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In the long-term processing and production process of CNC woodworking lathes, in addition to irregular component adjustments, regular maintenance and maintenance should also be paid attention to, so as to better ensure the working accuracy of CNC woodworking lathes and prolong their service life. The following Leapion laser shares a few points.

1. The CNC woodworking lathe should choose the appropriate use environment

CNC woodworking lathes must be installed in strict accordance with the installation conditions and requirements specified in the lathe manual. If economic conditions permit, it should be installed in isolation and better maintained at a later stage.

At the same time, its use environment should take into account: temperature, humidity, vibration, power supply voltage, frequency and interference. Only by doing these can the maintenance requirements be met.

2. Equipped with professional CNC personnel to operate

Professional operators know how to operate correctly to avoid unnecessary hardware damage to the lathe due to operational mistakes, and these personnel are familiar with the mechanical parts of the machine tool, numerical control systems, strong electrical equipment, hydraulic pressure, air pressure and other parts and the use environment, processing conditions, etc.

3. Machine maintenance and maintenance

1) It should be checked regularly in the future.

2) The wood powder should be cleaned every 2 hours of work.

3) Oil the main shaft bearing every 10-15 days of work. In particular, the sliding rails should pay special attention to refueling on time.

4) The bearing of the tool rest should be replenished with oil every 10-15 days of work.

5) Check the lubrication condition of the bearing at the end of the ball screw every 30 days of operation.

6) Check the wear of the new V-belt after three months of operation. When the V-belt is too loose, the motor fixing plate should be used to adjust the tightness of the V-belt.

7) The dust cover not only plays a role in dust prevention but also plays a role in ensuring safety, and should not be removed casually.


4. Maintenance of mechanical mechanism

1) Before leaving get off work, the sawdust remaining in the body should be removed, especially the sliding guide, rotating shaft and lead screw should be carefully cleaned, and no debris is allowed to remain!

2) After the sliding guide rail, rotating shaft and lead screw are cleaned, oil should be injected and lubricated in time. The lubricating oil should be high-quality bearing lubricating grease or engine lubricating oil. It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other diluted oils to replace lubricating oil. . Oil shortage operation is strictly prohibited!

3) Fastening inspection of each fastener should be carried out regularly. Some fasteners may be loosened due to long-term vibration, which will cause increased vibration, faster mechanical wear, and the inability of the equipment to work stably, resulting in a decrease in the accuracy of the processed parts. It is prone to corrugation and deformation. If such a situation is found, it should be tightened in time.

4) There should be no sundries near the mechanical limit and switch, and there should be no miscellaneous metal objects hanging on the induction plate. Otherwise, the mechanical action will be wrong and the switch will fail.

5. Regularly check the hardware of the CNC system

Have a maintenance electrician with operating experience inspect the vehicle once a year on a regular basis. Detect the output voltage of the power module, the reference voltage of the numerical control unit, etc., and clean up the dust in time; check whether each component is loose; replace or repair the relevant components.

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