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How should CNC tools be maintained?

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CNC tools are used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, and require high precision. We should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance of the tools during use. Today Leapion Laser shares how to maintain CNC tools.

First, CNC tools should prevent rust

1. Choose a good quality anti-rust oil.

2. Before rust prevention, pay attention to wipe the knives clean; keep the room dry.

3. The tool management car places the tools separately, and it is strictly forbidden to put the tools together without any packaging.

4. Pay attention to the protection of the cutting edge; do not touch or fall to the ground.

5. When the tool is used, if there is a screw anti-seize agent, it must be added to prevent the screw from being stuck.

Second, CNC tools should pay attention to daily maintenance

1. After the tool is used up, it needs to be cleaned and arranged

In the process of processing general products, there will be differences in processing dimensions and depths, so there will be the possibility of changing the tool in the middle. The knives replaced in the middle are generally more or less stuck with some chips (may also be copper or aluminum chips, due to different workpieces). In order to facilitate the next use, try to use tools to blow off the above waste chips.

2. After the knife is cleaned, it needs to be put back in the packaging

The hardness of the CNC cutting tool is relatively high. If it is accidentally touched or dropped on the ground, it may cause damage to the cutting edge, so it must be handled with care. It is recommended that after the knife is cleaned, put it back in the box as much as possible, which can reduce a lot of man-made damage.

3. Reduce the contact between the sweat on the hands and the handle of the knife, try not to grab the knife with bare hands, and apply anti-rust oil in time after grabbing the knife with bare hands. When manually installing and removing the handle, it is a good habit to apply anti-rust oil after the handle is removed and before installation.


4. Regularly check the coolant concentration to prevent the coolant concentration from decreasing, bacteria multiply and multiply, and accelerate the rust of the handle. The anti-rust aging of the coolant varies, so choose the coolant with the appropriate anti-rust aging.

5. When not in use for a long time, cleaning and rust prevention are essential. For knife handles that have not been used for a long time, be sure to apply anti-rust oil for preservation, and reapply anti-rust oil regularly.

6. Do a good job of fastening before processing

When using the tool for cutting, it is necessary to properly position the tool and workpiece, and do a good job of confinement, without the slightest loosening; at the same time, check the tightness of the tool regularly to avoid damage to the tool during the cutting process. harm.

7. Do not change the shape of the tool and grind the tool without authorization

Each grinding process of the tool has professional equipment and grinding skills. If you touch or change the shape of the tool without authorization, it is easy to cause the cutting edge to break and cause accidents.

8. Adjustment of tool cutting accuracy

During the use of the tool, it will inevitably affect the cutting accuracy of the tool due to wear and other reasons, so carefully check the wear degree of the tool at regular intervals, and appropriately adjust the accuracy of the tool clamping part according to the condition of the tool in different periods.

9. Operate and use strictly in accordance with the tool instructions

The use of knives is undoubtedly the best first-hand teaching material. Carefully study the precautions for use in the manual and operate according to the relevant matters. In particular, pay attention to the contraindications in the use of the tool.

In CNC machining, we should pay attention to the use and maintenance of CNC tools. For more questions and information consultation about CNC machining equipment, please pay attention to Leapion Laser.