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How To Deal With Safety in CNC Work?

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Safety related to CNC work

    Many companies have a safety poster on the wall with a simple but powerful message:

    The first rule of safety is to obey all safety rules.


    Leapion will take you today on how to deal with safety in CNC work


    The title of this section does not say whether security is at the programming level or the machining level. Seasons are safe and completely independent. It exists independently, it governs the behavior of everyone inside and outside the machine shop. At first glance, safety may appear to be about machining and machine operation, and possibly setup. That's absolutely true, but it's hard to present the full picture.

    In a typical machine shop routine, safety is the most important element of programming, setup, machining, tooling, fixtures, inspection, chipping and what you call operations. Security cannot be overemphasized. Companies talk about safety, hold safety meetings, show posters, give speeches, call in experts. There are some good reasons for the wealth of information and instructions available to all of us. Quite a bit through the tragic events of the past - many laws, rules and regulations were created as a result of investigations and investigations into serious accidents.

    At first glance, it seems that in CNC work, safety is a secondary concern. There is a lot of automation; part programs that are run over and over again, tools that have been used in the past, simple setups, etc. All of this can lead to complacency and false assumptions that security is being taken care of. This is a view that could have serious consequences.

    Safety is a big topic, but a few points related to CNC work are important. Every mechanic should know the hazards of mechanical and electrical equipment. The first step towards a safe workplace is to clean the work area and not allow debris, oil spills and other debris to accumulate on the floor. Taking care of your personal safety is equally important. Loose clothing, jewelry, ties, scarves, long unprotected hair, improper use of gloves and similar violations are all dangerous in a processing environment. Eyes, ears, hands and feet protection is strongly recommended.

    When the machine is running, protective devices should be installed and no moving parts should be exposed. Special attention should be paid to rotating spindles and automatic tool changers. Other potentially dangerous equipment are pallet changers, chip conveyors, high pressure areas, cranes, etc. Disconnecting any interlocks or other safety features is dangerous - and illegal without proper skill and authorization.

    In programming, it is also important to follow safety rules. Tool movements can be programmed in several ways. Speeds and feeds have to be realistic, not just mathematically "correct". Depth of cut, width of cut, tool characteristics, all have a profound impact on overall safety.

    All these thoughts are just a very brief summary and a reminder that we should always take safety seriously.

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