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How Many Types Of Wood CNC Machines?

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    If you are new to the wood working engraving machine, the following is what you need to understand, we will provide you with the lowest price, and the most reasonable configuration. It is the best choice for cutting and engraving wood materials.


So How Many Types Of Wood CNC Machines?

    What types of wood CNC machines are right for your business? Review the most common types of popular CNC machines used in woodworking.

    Types Based On Table Size (Work Area): 2x3 CNC wood router tables, 2x4 wood CNC router tables, 4x4 CNC wood router tables, 4x6 CNC wood router tables, 4x8 wood CNC router tables, 5x10 wood CNC router tables, 6x12 CNC wood router tables.

    Types Based On Application: Home CNC wood cutting machines, Desktop CNC wood carving machines, 3D CNC woodworking machines, Hobby CNC wood router machines, Industrial woodworking CNC machines. Types Based On Axis: 5 axis CNC machines for woodworking, 4 axis wood CNC routers, 4th axis (rotary axis) CNC woodworking routers, 3 axis CNC wood routers.

What Are CNC Wood Routers Used For?

    Applications CNC wood routers are the most common CNC machines for woodworking in industrial manufacturing, small business, small shop, home business, home shop, school education, craftsman, and hobbyists.

1. Furniture Making: home furnitures, art furnitures, antique furnitures, office furnitures, cabinet making, door making, cabinet doors, interior doors, home doors, cupboard doors, table legs, sofa legs, wood spindles, corners, screens, headboards, composite gates, MDF projects, wood crafts, wood arts.

2. Advertising.

3. Die Making.

4. Hollow Woodworks.

5. Relief Carvings.

6. Wood Cylinders.

7. 3D Woodworking Projects.

8. Sign Making.

9. Custom Woodworking Plans.

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