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How Does Automatic Tool Changer Work?

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    Today, Leapion will introduce how does Automatic Tool Changer work to you.

How Does Automatic Tool Changer Work?

    In the automatic tool changing system of the CNC machine, the device that realizes the transfer and loading and unloading of the tool between the magazine and the spindle is called the tool changer. There are two ways to exchange tools: the tool exchange is realized by the relative movement of the magazine and the spindle, and the tool is exchanged by the manipulator.

    The device that uses the relative movement of the magazine and the spindle to realize the tool exchange must first return the used tool to the magazine when changing the tool, and then take out the new tool from the magazine. The two actions cannot be performed at the same time, and the tool change time longer.

     However, the manipulator tool changer can grab and load and unload the tools in the spindle and the magazine at the same time during tool change, so the tool change time is further shortened. The method of tool exchange using a robot is the most widely used. This is because the manipulator is flexible in tool change, fast in action, and simple in structure.

    The manipulator can complete a series of actions such as grasping tool - drawing tool - turning - inserting tool - returning. In order to prevent the tool from falling, the movable claw of the manipulator is equipped with a self-locking mechanism.

What Is ATC CNC Router?

    ATC CNC router is a type of high-end professional CNC machine with automatic tool changer for cabinet making, door making, furniture making, crafts making, decorations, musical instruments, sign making, windows, tables, and most popular woodworking projects & plans. The spindles usually carry tool magazines with 6 cutters or 8 cutters or 10 cutters or 12 cutters. The tools can automatically change according to the working requirements when the machine works, no need of manual operation.

    You will meet three most common types of ATC CNC router kits, which include linear ATC CNC kits, drum ATC CNC kits (rotary ATC CNC kits), and chain ATC CNC kits.

ATC (4)

Features & Advantages

    The high-power automatic tool changer spindle is adopted, with good starting performance and large torque, which can give full play to the advantages of the machine's high speed and higher efficiency. It adopts high-torque servo motor made in Japan, which has the advantages of low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.

    Equipped with a unique tool magazine, you can exchange the required router bits at will. The tool change time only takes a few seconds. The standard tool magazine comes with 8 tools, and a larger capacity tool magazine can be customized.

    For more information about ATC CNC Router, please contact Leapion laser directly, Leapion laser 7×24 hours online service.