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Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making

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    Full automatic flatbed CNC router machine is widely used in modern furniture making including customized panel furniture, cabinet making, home decoration, home door, home furniture, shop and office furniture with automatic labeling, feeding, carving, cutting, drilling, grooving, and discharge.

Advantages of Full Automatic CNC Router for Furniture Making:

1. Increase 10% material usage.

2. Reduce the dependence of the technical workers.

3. Decrease of sorting procedure and sorting error.

4. Save both time and labour for complicated workpiece processing.

5. It can also groove and drill.

6. Improve the product quality and the efficiency.

7. Optimize technology procedure, reduce the production cost.


Applications of Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making:

1. Furniture industriesCabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture, doors, windows, tables and chairs.

2. Decoration industriesScreens, wave boards, large-size wall hangings, advertising boards and sign making.

3. Arts & Crafts industriesAchieveing effects of exquisite patterns and characters on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles, organic boards, double-color boards and so on.

4. Processing materialCarving, milling and cutting for acrylic, PVC, density boards, artificial stones, organic glass, plastics and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum.

    Features of Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making: Full automatic CNC router is mainly designed for customized furniture plans, such as kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, the whole production line only need one ordinary worker to operate.

The CNC router machine can mix a lot of your customer's orders from a BOM automitically though the software:

1. Automatic Labeling

The machine can show a barcode / order No. / board size information on each board. The label information can be customized according to your requirements.

2. Automatic Feeding

Suck the board to the next process automatically.

3. Automatic CNC Machining

Cutting, milling, drilling and engraving automatically.

4. Automatic Discharge

After process, the boards are discharged automatically.

    For more information about Full Automatic Flatbed CNC Router for Furniture Making, please contact Leapion laser directly, Leapion laser 7×24 hours online service.