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Can CNC woodworking engraving machine process crystal characters and PVC materials?

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CNC woodworking engraving machines are widely used in woodworking, advertising and handicraft industries, and can engrave various exquisite patterns and characters on crystal, PVC, organic boards and other materials. Leapion laser is introduced below.

PVC material is a very popular advertising decoration material today, which is very common in our lives, such as: the furniture industry and the home improvement industry have a lot of demand for crystal characters and PVC.

PVC is actually a polymer substance of vinyl. Divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. Among them, hard PVC accounts for about 2/3 of the market, and soft PVC accounts for 1/3.

Hard PVC does not contain softeners, so it is flexible, easy to form, not brittle, non-toxic and pollution-free, and has a long storage time, so it is more widely used than soft PVC.

CNC woodworking engraving machine can process PVC material

1. CNC woodworking engraving machine processing PVC material tool selection:

12mm (cut 10MM and below thickness)

17mm (cut 15MM)

22mm (cut 20MM)

Due to the low melting point of the PVC material, there will generally be some melting on the edge of the word on the surface of the material, which needs to be modified with a utility knife, which will affect the aesthetic effect of the word, while the layout next to the table is smooth and flat.

Therefore, we suggest: When cutting PVC characters, first mirror the processing object, and then calculate the tool path, so as to ensure that the characters face downward, that is, the edges of the characters are smooth and neat.

2. CNC woodworking engraving machine to make crystal characters, pvc process:

1) Typesetting (graphics are arranged according to the principle of saving materials)

2) Point "cut" on the layout for calculation to generate a tool path.

3) Modify the direction of machining (conducive to the smoothness of the edges of the processed graphics, and generally do not need to be reversed according to the quality of the material itself), select counter-clockwise and clockwise according to the material selection (PVC is clockwise, acrylic is counter-clockwise) .

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