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Air cooling Spindle and Water cooling Spindle on CNC Router

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    During the working of the CNC Router, the spindle will generate heat. Which will influence the normal working of the machine. So we need to make the spindle lower the temperature. The way to lower the temperature is through air cooling and water cooling. The two ways can make the temperature of the constantly heating spindle reduce, which can make sure the normal working of the machine. Today we will talk about the difference between air cooling and water cooling in the CNC Router.

What is the meaning of air cooling and water cooling in a CNC Router?

    1. Water cooling uses a water loop to cool the heat produced by the spindle high speed rotation

    2. Air cooling uses a fan to dissipate heat


The damage of spindle heating in CNC Router

    Serious heating will bring some negative influences. Such as the difference of coefficient of expansion in every part of the inside of the spindle will lead to the change of structure stress and small change of internal air gap, which will influence the dynamic response of the spindle, high speed will easy to out of step. So the heating of the spindle should be controlled necessary.

What should we do when the spindle is over-heating?

    When the temperature of the spindle is high, we can choose to make the machine stop, then continue to work after taking a break; then we can check whether the air cooling and water cooling are working normally.

Difference between air cooling and water cooling in CNC Router

    1. Level of noise: The spindle motor of the CNC Router with water cooling has no noise; the spindle motor with air cooling is very loud.


    2. Service life: The spindle motor with water cooling needs to pay attention to maintenance and change water frequently, or use an industrial water cooler; the life of water cooling is much longer than air cooling.

    3. Accuracy: The axial and radial beat of the spindle motor of water cooling is basically below 0.003mm, which is far more than the air cooling spindle motor.

    4. User convenience: Because the spindle of water cooling needs to connect water pump, which needs a bucket connects water pipe to store water, but it's easy to freeze especially in the cold season of the north, maybe some customers feel troublesome, but air cooling will not.

    5. Processing Effects: the temperature of water cooling is not exceeded 40 ℃ after circulation. The spindle motor of air cooling dissipates heat by a fan, it's certainly not as effective as water cooling.

Which is better water cooling or air cooling for the spindle of the CNC Router?

    A high-quality CNC Router is always equipped with a high-performance spindle to play its role. As for choosing water cooling or air cooling need to be decided according to the actual demand, comparing the difference between them to choose the most suitable one for your company.