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· The head is made of polymer material to protect the aluminum profile from leaving clamping marks
· Pneumatic control to protect raw materials from being squeezed and deformed
· Whole length can be customized
· Clamping width can be customized

Double Protection

Full Cover Machine Case
The fully enclosed casing made by the metal sheet and plexiglass, which could protect the operator from injuryis, by the the debris and residues generated during processing.
Safety Light Curtain
Each set of three installed fences, total two sets are located on both sides of the machine. When the equipment is working, if there are people approaching, it will stop working immediately. Provides maximum protection for the operator.

Rotary Carousel

• Management of tool with fixed and random positions
• Life tools and alternative tools management
• Tool and offset configurable tables
Note: Also support Linear and Planar Auto Tool Changer.


• With Linear, Circular, Helical and Spline movements meet different process needs
• Each axis with the independent acceleration and deceleration parameters
• With Jerk limitation for acceleration trapezoidal and sinusoidal ramps
• Restart from interrupted programs

Automatic Tool Setter

Automatic tool setting saves time and improves production efficiency.
Detect tool wear and accurately measure tool parameters. Accurately grasp the tool status, remind the operator to replace the tool in time, and reduce the scrap rate.

Control System

Give option for LNC, SYNTEC and OSAI. Powerful performance, improve the flexibility of the machine.
Support various five-axis functions, such as:
· 5 axis simultaneously control
· various types of 5-axis compensation
· rotation tool center point feature for high precision processing on surface
· variety of communication formats: EtherCAt/ RTEX, etc.

General Vector Inverter

High-performance vector inverter adopts DSP control system to complete the optimized speed sensorless vector control and V/F control, with richer functions, more flexible application and more stable performance.
Offers multiple brands: Folinn, Delta, Omron, Siemens.

Servo Motor

Motor brands are optional: Yaskawa, Panasonic, Fuji, Delta, Leadshine.
· Accuracy: closed-loop control of position, speed and torque is achieved
· Speed: good high-speed performance, the speed can reach 2000 to 3000 rpm
· Adaptability: strong anti-overload capability, can withstand three times the rated torque load
· Stable: stable even at low speed
· Timeliness: The dynamic response time of motor acceleration and deceleration is only a few tens of milliseconds
· Comfort: less heat and no noise
Technical Parameters
  • mm
      Y and Z axes for machining on 2 faces of profile   583 mm x 360 mm
      Y and Z axes for machining on 3 faces of profile   454 mm x 360 mm
      C axis   10° ; +370°
      D axis   -10° ; +190°
      X axis speed   85 m/min
      Spindle   22 kW 24000 rpm
      Cooling   Liquid with refrigerator unit
      Tool Magazine   Rotary Carousel 8 or 12 sets tools

What Materials Can Be Processed ?

Aluminum cutting

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