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5 Helpful Tips For Wood Carving Tips

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    Whether you're running a home shop or large facility, a CNC wood router is critical to your business. You get precision, speed, and accuracy not offered by any other woodworking tool.

    CNC routers have grown in popularity over the last few decades. The competitive prices and usability have made them more accessible to individual craftsmen and small businesses. No matter which types of woodworking products you create, you'll benefit from a high-quality CNC wood router machine.

    Below you'll find five practical wood carving tips to help you get started.

Tip 1: How to Choose the Right CNC Wood Router

    Having the right CNC wood router is critical to running a woodworking business. There are several factors to take into consideration before purchasing a CNC machine. These include:

    The size of your business: Are you an individual working out of your home? You may want to consider a CNC machine that ergonomically fits within your workspace. High-production woodworking facilities often have room for larger and more sophisticated CNC machines.

    Woodworking demands: What is the demand for your products? Are you mass-producing woodworking products or creating unique, individual pieces? Be sure to consider router speed and the need for tool changeover when choosing the right machine.

    Product types: Are you producing flat, 2D models? Or are you working with complex 3D designs? Simpler shapes and designs can often be produced at a faster rate while 3D designs can take longer. It's worth investing in a CNC wood router machine that is tailored to your product designs and production demands.

    Budgeting: Purchasing a CNC router for your woodworking business is an investment worth making. Can't fit it into your current budget? No problem. CAMaster has financing options available so you can make installment payments.

Tip 2: Utilize Easy-to-Use Software

    Woodworking designs get translated to the manufacturing stage via the G-code programming language. Fortunately, you don't have to understand the G-code language. Easy-to-use CNC software can help you accomplish the same goal.

The two types of software you should familiarize yourself with include:

    Computer-aided design (CAD): CAD allows you to digitally design 2D and 3D woodworking products before the manufacturing process. Once your design is complete, you must save it as a CAD file.

    Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM): CAM is an automated process that uses numerical control software to instruct CNC machine tools to accurately carve woodworking pieces.

Tip 3: Have the Right Bits for the Job


    A CNC router will determine the type of carving needed to create your woodworking product. However, it's important to have the right bits in place for optimal accuracy, as CNC router bits range in size. Common bit types include:

  • Drill bits

  • Flat bottom mills

  • V-groove bits

  • Fluted end mills

  • Ballnose end mills


Tip 4: Add a Bigger Dust Collector


    Dust is one element that CNC machines don't like. It reduces the life of CNC machines and hinders their efficiency. Woodworking creates large amounts of dust that need to be disposed of. If you own a CNC machine, you likely already have a dust collector at work, but adding a bigger collector will help keep your CNC machine completely dust free. Additionally, having less dust makes for a healthier work environment.

Tip 5:  Connect to an Earth Wire


    Make sure your CNC router is connected to an earth wire for proper functionality. Plus, it's vital to keep your machine free of static which may cause the machine to malfunction. Be sure to power off your CNC machine before connecting it to an earth wire.

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