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10 common problems and solutions for CNC engraving machines

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In the process of using the CNC engraving machine, it is inevitable that various faults will occur. Today Leapion Laser shares 10 common faults and solutions.

1. CNC router error

Solution: 1. The control card is loose or faulty.

2. The drive is faulty.

3. The stepper motor is faulty.

4. Electrostatic interference.

5. The motor circuit is faulty.

6. The data line is faulty.

7. The path is wrong.

8. The coupling is broken or loose.

9. The processing speed is too fast. (The acceleration of the system parameter curve is too large).

10. Computer system problems or viruses.

2. CNC engraving machine has different engraving depths

Solution: 1. The control card is loose or faulty.

2. The stepper motor is faulty.

3. The drive is faulty or the current subdivision is inconsistent with the software setting.

4. The Z-axis motor circuit is faulty.

5. The spindle motor is faulty.

6. Inverter interference or data setting error.

7. Electrostatic interference.

8. Computer virus or system problem.

9. Uneven working platform.

3. Irregular engraving on CNC engraving machine

Solution: 1. The control card is faulty.

2. Inverter interference.

3. The file path is wrong.

4. Electrostatic interference.

5. There is a problem with the software setting.

6. Drive failure or incorrect current subdivision setting.

7. The data line is faulty.

8. The computer has a virus or system problem.

4. Prompt when opening the software: three-axis alarm, initialization error signal


1. Check whether the two data lines of the computer and the machine are connected properly.

2. Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned out, and change the fuse.

3.Check whether the power supply is normally supplied.


5. When the X-axis travels for a certain section, the Z-axis does not lift the knife, but presses to go up but go down


1. Check whether the Z-axis motor is operating normally, the power and the size of the drive current.

2. Check whether the Z-axis motor line has poor contact or intermittent disconnection.

3. Check whether the lifting distance is set.

6. The phenomenon of knocking down occurs


1. The power of the Z-axis motor is not enough, and the coupling is loose.
       2. The current of the Z-axis driver is too small, or the signal wire is connected incorrectly.

3. The data cable is not connected properly.

7. When the software is turned on, the axis is turned off


1. The problem of the drive or the poor connection of the computer output signal line.

2.The motor wire is in poor contact.

8. The machine is not powered on when it is turned on


1. Check whether the start button wire is connected well and whether the button is burned out.

2.Check whether the AC contactor is short-circuited or burned out.

9. The axis only moves in one direction when the button is moving


1. Check whether the data cable is normal and whether the data cable socket is properly inserted.

2. Check whether there is any virtual welding in the motor circuit.

10. CNC milling grooves are not flat milling

Solution: 1. The spindle and the worktable are not perpendicular to each other and need to be corrected.

2. There is a problem with the knife.

3. There is a problem with the control card.

4. Z-axis drive or Z-axis screw problem.

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