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10 common faults and solutions of CNC woodworking engraving machine

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In the process of using CNC woodworking engraving machine, various faults sometimes occur. Today Leapion Laser shares 10 common CNC woodworking engraving machine common faults and their solutions, as follows:

During the working process of the CNC woodworking engraving machine, the spindle motor suddenly stops or rotates slowly

1. If the working voltage is unstable or overloaded, add a voltage stabilizer.

2. Check whether the middle wire is connected well and whether the wire ends are desoldered.

CNC woodworking engraving machine cannot engrave at the origin

1. Whether the layout size of the file matches the machine.

2. Check whether there is an offset (OFFSET) and whether the layout setting is correct.

When the CNC woodworking engraving machine starts and resets, it makes an abnormal sound or always breaks the limit switch

1. If the limit switch cannot be reached, just correct it.

2. The drive line is not in good contact, and the drive line can be fixed.

3. The limit switch line is not connected well, just connect the line well.

4. If the limit switch is damaged, replace it.

When the CNC woodworking engraving machine sets the origin, it sometimes offsets forward or right and the offset distance is uncertain.

1. The limit switch fails, and the limit switch has been closed and opened when the system returns to the origin of the system. Just replace the limit switch.

2. The drive line is loose. Try to fix it tightly.

One axis or three axes of CNC woodworking engraving machine do not move or move abnormally

1. The control card is loose or faulty.

2. The drive of the corresponding axis is faulty.

3. The corresponding shaft stepping motor is faulty.

4. The corresponding coupling is disconnected or loose.

5. The corresponding lead screw is broken or the lead screw nut is faulty.

6. The sliding speed of the corresponding shaft is faulty.

7. The driver subdivision, current, and settings are different from those in the software.


Abnormal sound of CNC woodworking engraving machine

1. There are obstacles in the travel route of the trolley and the guide rail, and the obstacles need to be removed;

2. The trolley is separated from the guide rail, and the trolley needs to be straightened;

3. The origin coordinate setting is unreasonable, modify the origin coordinate;

4. The actual layout of the file is too large, just modify the file.

The CNC woodworking engraving machine has the phenomenon of smashing the knife.

1. The power of the Z-axis motor is not enough, and the coupling is loose;

2. The current of the Z-axis driver is too small, or the signal line is connected incorrectly;

3. Check whether the Z-axis motor cable is plugged in properly.

Misplacement or wrong size when engraving.

1. Check whether the path of the engraving software is correct or not;

2. Check the gap size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screws of the polished rod are loose;

3. Check whether the software parameters are set correctly or not;

4. Check whether the ground wire is connected well;

5. Whether the computer has a virus.

CNC woodworking engraving machine empty engraving

1. Optical path offset, refer to the manual to adjust the optical path;

2. The laser power supply is damaged;

3. The relevant circuit or line is damaged;

4. The laser tube is damaged or aged;

5. The ammeter is damaged.

CNC woodworking engraving machine computer signal cannot be transmitted

1. The software parameters are not set correctly, reset the parameters;

2. There is no connection between the machine and the computer, press the "Offline" button to make the offline light off;

3. There is a problem with the computer serial port, use another serial port;

4. The software transmission rate is inconsistent with the engraving machine baud rate setting, reset the baud rate.

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