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What are the characteristics and application advantages of the five-axis CNC engraving machine?

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5-axis CNC engraving machine is also known as 5-axis CNC router, 5-axis CNC machining center, 5-axis CNC milling machine or multi-axis CNC machine. Today Leapion Laser shares the features and application advantages of 5-axis CNC engraving machine.

The characteristics and application advantages of the five-axis CNC engraving machine are as follows:

1. The 5-axis CNC engraving machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, and can complete complex processing in one clamping of the workpiece.

5-axis CNC machine tools can be adapted to the processing of modern molds such as auto parts and aircraft structural parts.

The five-axis machining center has five axes X, Y, Z, A, and C. X, Y, Z axis and A, C axis form five-axis linkage processing, good at space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique hole, bevel cutting, etc.

The "pentahedron machining center" is similar to the three-axis machining center, except that it can do five faces at the same time.

2. The 5-axis CNC engraving machine can process free-form surfaces that ordinary 3-axis CNC machine tools cannot process or cannot process at one time.

Examples include blades for aircraft engines and steam turbines, propellers for ships, and other complex molds with special curved surfaces. Since the five-axis machining center can adjust the tool and angle at any time during the machining process, it can avoid the use of other tools and complete all the machining at one time.

3. The 5-axis CNC engraving machine can also achieve the machining accuracy and quality of free-form surfaces under the premise of high efficiency.

For example, when a three-axis machine tool is used to machine complex surfaces, a ball end mill is used. The cutting efficiency is low, the tool angle cannot be adjusted freely, and it is difficult to ensure the smoothness of the machined surface. With a five-axis machining center machine, the above-mentioned situation can be avoided because the tool angle can be adjusted freely, thereby obtaining higher cutting efficiency and high-quality surface quality.



When the five-axis CNC engraving machine processes deeper and steeper cavities, the additional rotation and oscillation of the workpiece or the spindle head can create the best process conditions for the machining of the end mill, avoiding the collision of tools, tool holders, and cavity walls. , reducing the risk of tool shaking and tool damage during processing, thereby helping to improve the surface quality of the mold, processing efficiency and tool durability.

5. Five CNC engraving machines can use shorter tools to complete the processing of the entire part at one time.

There is no need to re-chuck or use the longer tools required for the same type of 3-axis machining, resulting in shorter delivery times and excellent surface quality.

       The five-axis CNC engraving machine can save the complex angle repositioning, multiple debugging and clamping of the workpiece. This not only saves time, but also greatly reduces errors, which saves the cost of expensive fixtures and fixtures needed to hold the workpiece in place.

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