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Getting Started with CNC

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    CNC (computer numerical control) machining is a manufacturing process that utilizes computers to control machine tools. A wide range of tools can be controlled in this way, including:

  • mills

  • lathes

  • grinders

  • routers

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Accuracy and Efficiency

    Whichever type of machine you are using, all forms of CNC have the same benefits. The main one is that fact that CNC improves automation and efficiency. Many CNC machines can be run throughout their whole cycle without the presence of an operator. This prevents fatigue and reduces the risk of mistakes due to human error. Another major benefit of this technology is the high level of accuracy and ability to repeat specifications. That means that once your program is verified, whether you produce two, two hundred or two thousand work pieces, they will all be identical. What’s more, when you decide to run a different work piece it’s as simple as changing the software program.

Control of Motion

    Unlike conventional, manually operated machines, CNC machines allow for two or more directions of motion (the most common being linear and rotary). CNC machines facilitate control of motion by use of commands rather than the traditional means of turning cranks and wheels, allowing ultimate control of motion.

CNC Machine Commands

    CNC programs are comprised of commands, each of which consists of a word. Each letter has a specific address a numerical value. Examples of common word types are D – Tool radius offset designation, S – Spindle speed designation and F – Feedrate designation. To the uninitiated, this may seem overwhelming, but in reality, though the list of programmable functions differs from one machine to another, there are only around 40 different words used in CNC programming.

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